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Setting sail towards a sustainable shipping future, where every voyage with Ellerman City Liners charts a course for a greener corporate horizon.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Ellerman City Liners has an unwavering commitment to sustainable shipping. Ellerman recognises the critical importance of safeguarding the environment while ensuring the efficient and reliable transportation of goods across the globe. With a deep understanding of the environmental challenges facing our planet, Ellerman has embraced a comprehensive approach to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly technologies, innovative practices, and a strong corporate responsibility ethos into every aspect of its operations. The company’s dedication to sustainable shipping not only benefits the environment it also demonstrates that responsible business practices can coexist harmoniously with economic growth and global trade.

Stunning image of a massive cargo ship being constructed in a dry dock

New Builds and State-of-the-Art Design

Ellerman has invested in chartering long-term new vessels, due to arrive in late 2024, that showcase cutting-edge design and technology, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the shipping industry’s sustainability efforts. Meeting Environmental Regulations: The newly ordered vessels, and future commissioning of vessels, will adhere to all current environmental regulations, as well as anticipated future standards. This commitment ensures that Ellerman continues to operate responsibly and in compliance with evolving environmental guidelines.

Cargo Capacity

Cargo Capacity: With a 45′ intake equivalent to 400 truckloads, these vessels are designed for efficiency, enabling the transportation of larger cargo volumes, further optimising their environmental impact per unit of transported goods.
LNG Ready: The design of new vessels will be LNG-ready, acknowledging the potential of synthetic (green) LNG as a future fuel source. This forward-thinking approach positions them to embrace cleaner fuel alternatives when they become available.

Innovative Ship Designs

Shore Connection for Electricity Supply: The vessels have the capability for implementing shore connection electricity supply while berthed at port. This feature allows them to reduce their carbon footprint by using cleaner, onshore electrical sources rather than running onboard generators, especially in emissions-controlled areas. Residential areas close to operating terminals will benefit from better air quality.
Innovative Ship Designs: As part of the design process these vessels will see improved ship hull, bow thrusters, and propeller designs. These innovations are aimed at reducing resistance and increasing energy efficiency, further

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For door-to-door deep-sea container shipping services between the UK, Europe & USA. We're ready to bring certainty back to your supply chains.
For door-to-door deep-sea container shipping services between the UK, Europe & USA. We’re ready to bring certainty back to your supply chains.

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